Black-chested eagle.

There is a rich diversity of birds in this area, with the kittiwake, rock dove, tystie, Atlantic puffin, golden eagle, white-tailed sea eagle, corncrake, rock dove, and red-throated diver all to be seen.

On land, wild cats and pine martens are around, so too are rabbits and mountain hares. Freshwater species include salmon, brown trout and water shrew, whilst offshore there are plenty of mussels, oysters and edible crabs; the latter are especially prevalent in the Sound of Scalpay.

Interesting flora in the area include bell heather, bog myrtle, fescues, alpine pearlwort, corn spurrey, fairy flax, black bog rush, hawthorn, silver birch, hazel, bird cherry, cats-ear, fir clubmoss, mountain avens, corn marigold, mossy cyphal, ling and cross-leaved heath.

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